Adult Faith Formation

We offer the opportunity to connect with others and to grow our faith through Bible and other book studies as well as seasonal retreats.

Bible study focuses on the word of God with the benefit of learning from others’ interpretations through active participation and discussion. In addition to the Bible, we study other books with the aim of deepening our faith and understanding.

Recent Sunday morning classes include: Experiencing God, A Home of Peace and Welcome, Christian Mindfulness, and The Saving Work of Jesus on the Cross.

Each year, we plan a Spring and a Fall retreat. Retreats are a unique experience as they require us to set aside time to focus on our personal relationship with God and to foster a deeper connection to him. We are led as a group in prayer and song and other spiritual disciplines like guided meditation as we listen for God to speak to us individually.

As fellow Christians, we support each other on our personal faith journeys!

Wednesday Bible Study

STAY TUNED for a new opportunity for connection coming Fall 2024…