The Best Teacher

School’s out and summer has begun! Time to put away the books, and hopefully not forget everything you learned. It has been a while since many of us have been in school. I wonder how much we remember from those classes we took so long ago. How would we do if we had to take the tests again? It’s easy to forget what we are not using or putting into practice.

Jesus’ followers had the best teacher that ever lived. They had three years of intensive instruction with hands-on training experience. They got to watch their teacher in action, not just listen to lectures. The tests were practical, not written. And they still had a lot to learn as he was giving final instructions before his arrest and crucifixion.

This Sunday we will reflect on John 14, where Jesus assured his followers (Including us) that he would send the Holy Spirt to remind, teach, and support us as we continue to follow him. Unlike the end of school when we are sent out on our own, our Teacher is with us always, everywhere! And he helps us with the tests!

Jim Stone

Scripture: John 14:15-27
Sermon Title: After School Support