God’s Spirit in Our Sons and Daughters

This Sunday is the culmination of confirmation and our Christian Education year, as the children and youth of PPC lead us in worship, sharing some of what they’ve learned this year through music, Scripture, and bells. We will also be receiving into membership six youth who are professing their faith in Jesus Christ and desire to live that faith as disciples. Two of these youth will also be baptized during the service.

In the week leading up to CE Sunday each year, I like to lift up the unique way that Christians approach such services.

When children and youth serve in worship, it can be tempting to think of them as we do at a play, concert, or dance recital—performing for an audience. But on the day of Pentecost, Peter reminded the believers that, in the words of the prophet Joel, God’s Spirit has been poured out on our sons and daughters, equipping them to share good news—this is what our children are really doing: leading us in the worship of God and proclaiming good news we need to hear. This is an awe-inspiring truth—for them and, if we let ourselves take it in, for us. It’s ok to clap enthusiastically when we feel led to do so, yet clapping is more than a way to say to our kids, “You’ve done a good job.” It’s a way to say to God, YOU have done a glorious job nurturing these children, and we thank YOU.

As we move from the performance/audience mindset to the leading/proclaiming perspective, we open ourselves to encountering in fresh ways the power of God. So don’t miss the chance for this by thinking our children and youth are performing. They are doing so much more.

I urge you to pray for the children and youth who will be leading us and especially for our six confirmands on this momentous day in their lives—that they may experience the power of God as they profess their faith in Jesus Christ. I also invite your prayers for the congregation as we watch and listen, to be so much more than an audience: to be a community witnessing the outpouring of God’s Spirit on our sons and daughters.

Pastor Laura
Scripture for Sunday: John 20:30-31
Sermon Title: “Life in Jesus’ Name”