Transfiguration Sunday

This Sunday we celebrate Transfiguration of the Lord, the moment on the mountaintop when Jesus’ true identity as God’s Son, the Beloved, was revealed with brilliant, dazzling light. The Christian music group Hillsong Worship has a song called “Transfiguration” that tells this story in a powerful, beautiful way.

I encourage you to read this story in Mark 9:2-8 or listen to the Scripture.

Then I invite you to listen to the song “Transfiguration: here.

Spend some time worshipping God, letting the dazzling, transfigured Word fill your heart today.

The song begins this way:
From the cloud you speak
What was veiled now is seen.
Jesus the image of the invisible God.
Divinity confirmed in the transfigured Word
A kingdom once concealed on the earth now revealed.
Holy is the Lord revealed before my eyes
And my burning heart can scarcely take it in.
As I behold your beauty with unworthy eyes,
The only song my soul can find to sing
Is hallelujah, hallelujah, hallelujah my King…

And may Jesus, the transfigured Word, bless you daily.

Pastor Laura

Scripture for Sunday: Mark 9:2-8
Sermon Title: “Who Are We Listening To?”

Invitation to Lent: Since the time of the early church, Christians have observed the weeks leading up to Easter as a season of renewing our commitment to God. This Lent our church theme is “Finding Our Way Home” as together we’ll explore Biblical stories of God’s faithfulness in leading his people home and modern-day stories of people seeking a home of peace and welcome. For the season of Lent, we encourage every household to have a copy of the book How Dare the Sun Rise, by Sandra Uwiringiyimana. Copies are available in the narthex.