The Gift of Love

Advent candles warm and bright,
Fill the world with radiant light.
Help us find the Promised One;
Guide us to the child who will come.

Throughout this season of Advent, and for many years at PPC, these words have been part of the church’s singing and celebration. As we light the candles of Advent week by week, we see the warmth, beauty, and illumination of this season growing.

This Sunday we’ll celebrate the gift of love as we read the story of the Annunciation, (found in Luke 1:26-38). It is one of the greatest stories in the Bible, the proclamation of God’s world-changing love, embodied in Jesus Christ.

I encourage you to pause this week to read this passage and watch a brief video from The Bible Project, on the theme of love. Here’s the link:

God’s love for us, and the calling to love one another, is at the heart of this season. May we watch for ordinary opportunities to be present with love—listening, serving, and giving of your time, which is often the most precious gift we can offer. Be present to love today. Breathe deeply of God’s love. Share that love.

Scripture for Sunday: Luke 1:26-38
Sermon Title: “Being Present with Love”