Adopting Families for Christmas

Starting December 3 in the narthex, there will be an opportunity to select a gift tag to purchase Christmas gifts for a child in our community. PPC has three families to provide presents for this year (2 through the Perinton Food Shelf and 1 through World Relief).

If you would like to participate, please select a tag from the tree. It will include details such as age, gender, gift ideas, and due date. In order to be consistent across all families, we ask for 2 gifts per child, total price range of $30-60. We ask that there be no toy guns, nerf guns, or war-themed toys.

Gifts should be returned to the church, unwrapped, with the gift tag. Because the Perinton Food Shelf gifts are due on a different day than the World Relief gifts, the due date for your child’s gifts will be written on the tag you select.

Thank you for gifting our community with hope, peace, joy, and love this Christmas!