On this Thanksgiving eve, with (perhaps) many items on our “To Do” lists, I invite you to pause now for a moment of prayer. Take a few deep breaths, and lay aside, physically or mentally, the other things you are working on today. Let yourself become aware of God’s presence with you right here, right now. When you are ready, continue in prayer,

In the midst of our preparations,
we thank you, Lord,
for the abundance you have given us.
In the face of challenges,
help us see the many ways
that you guide and provide.
As we celebrate Thanksgiving,
may we drink deeply of your love
and be filled with your grace.
Now guide our words and actions,
our traveling, visiting, and hosting,
that the abundance of your love
may freely flow.

After our Thanksgiving celebrations, I invite you to join us for the beginning of Advent this Sunday, Nov 26 in worship at 8:30 or 11am.

Here is a look at this year’s Advent theme “The Gift of Being Present”: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Nx_H37r6Vbc

A free Advent devotional will be available Sunday at church.

During Advent we’ll also have the chance to read and discuss the wonderful book, Right Here, Right Now: The Practice of Christian Mindfulness by Dr. Amy Oden. Copies will be available at church for $12.

I look forward to sharing this very special season with you!
Pastor Laura

Scripture for Sunday: Psalm 80:1-2, 1 Corinthians 1:4-7, Mark 13:24-37
Sermon Title: “Being Present with Hope”