Our Hope is in the One

We live in a troubled world but we have hope for a better future. We do what we can to share the light of God’s love but can grow tired and discouraged as we wait. We wonder can things get worse? What will it take for things to improve? How can things get better? Can they? When will Jesus return to end evil and establish the new heaven and new earth? How do we keep going and not give up?

This week we will reflect on the parable of the ten young women waiting for the bridegroom. Five ran out of oil before he arrived. How do we keep our lamps burning? What can we do to keep our oil jars filled? We will also be remembering those veterans who have served and sacrificed so much to defend our freedom, and writing notes to encourage those who are incarcerated so they might have hope that can help them move toward freedom and better lives.

Our hope is in the One who loves us and the world so much that he gave his own Son. His Spirit is the one who keeps our oil jars filled and our lamps burning shining light into the darkness. We are waiting and watching for the return of our Lord Jesus, the Bridegroom who gave his life for us, forgiving our sins and conquering death. He is coming to reign and establish the new heaven and earth where there is no more war, sickness, evil, sorrow or death. Come quickly, Lord Jesus! Amen!

Pastor Jim

Scripture for Sunday: Matthew 25:1-13