I Give Because…

This generosity season we’ve been asking the question, “What inspires you to give to PPC?” Many wonderful responses have been coming in, as people share about their motivations for giving of their time, talent, and resources. Here are this week’s responses, including several from our children:

I give because…
I am grateful!!!
God is so faithful!
To help other people and love God and to give what we can.
I am grateful for all God has provided me.
I appreciate him speaking to me through the works of this church.
I want to share his power and love with others.
I get so much out of church.
The act of giving, caring, and love is enhanced with my faith.
I believe.
I am able!
I am a believer.
I’ve been blessed by this church family.
God wants us all to be servants in the world—in many ways—of time and money and love.
I give to kids by donating love to the Perinton Food Shelf.
I like to give some money for the church.
God has given to us health, his time, his funds, a desire to share.
Some people don’t have a home.
God is good and giving feels good.

If you would like to share your motivation for giving, simply email me (pastor@perintonpres.org) or add your words to the slips of paper included again in the bulleting this coming Sunday, October 29.

This Sunday we will also be dedicating our pledges (estimates of giving) for the coming year. If you have not yet turned in a pledge form, we encourage you to bring yours on Sunday, or pick one up here at church if you need one, or simply send your pledge electronically to our financial secretary, Mike Roche, at FinancialSecretary@perintonpres.org.

Our Scripture reading on Sunday is Jesus’ famous response when he is asked to identify the greatest commandment. Rather than giving a single answer, he offers two. See what Jesus says in Matthew 22:34-40. Jerome and I will be offering this week’s sermon together—the title is, “Love God, Love Others.”

Blessings and peace,
Pastor Laura

Scripture for Sunday: Matthew 22:34-40