Why do you Give?

I give because…

This church loves me and others.
I want to help others and to show love.
I want to share my good fortune.
This church cares for our children.
I believe in God’s mission for our church.
I want to help others.
I find strength in fellowship with others.
It’s one way to respond to God’s grace and loving kindness.
The world needs people to do this work.
Jesus gives to me.
I love PPC.
There is a community around us in need.
The love of Jesus.
It’s important to support the church for all the good things it does.
I want to see the church grow.
My children gained the belief in God, friendships, and learned to appreciate what life has given them.
God loves me and I want to give back. He has given me so much through the years.
God is love and the focus of my life.
God is doing a great work here! I enjoy being a part!

These are some of the wonderful answers that we’ve received in response to the question, “Why do you give to PPC?” Over the next few weeks of our generosity campaign, we are encouraging our whole congregation to consider not only what we intend to give, but the why behind our giving. We’re asking everyone to consider this question and write a few lines about what inspires their giving. “I give because…” sheets will be included again in the bulletins Oct 22 and 29. If you worship from home or can’t get out to church, feel free to email or call me with your “I give because…” and we’ll add your words to the display.

On Sunday we also shared Carol Kulp’s wonderful “Telling our Stories” video in worship. Here is the link in case you missed it: Telling Our Stories: Carol Kulp

Blessings to you all, as we live, and give, with gratitude, love, and joy.

Pastor Laura

Scripture for Sunday: Matthew 22:15-22