All Gifts are Meaningful

God has created us to be generous. He loves a cheerful giver who gives freely and not under compulsion. Being generous brings joy to our hearts and God’s. It’s our hearts attitude not the amount. This week we will look at the familiar story of the widow who put in her two cents. Probably not thinking that she had much to offer. But Jesus points her out to his disciples and to us.

One of the things that holds us back from being generous is the feeling that we don’t have much to give. We compare our gifts to others rather than just giving from our hearts. God looks at our hearts and counts them far more valuable than anything we can give. All that we have comes from God. He has freely given to us so that we can freely share with others out of our love for Christ and the people he loves.

You have more to offer than you can imagine. God can use even the smallest, most seemingly insignificant gift to do far more than we can imagine. Our gifts are much more than we put in the offering plate. Praise God for his generous love!